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7-day transformational health challenge

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Let's take it one step at a time.

Is the Covid-19 pandemic wearing you down? Do you just want to hit ‘reset’ but don’t know how? We’ll take you on a step-by-step guided journey that can transform your daily rhythm.

What's inside?

More than just a guide book.


7 days of exclusive training & coaching
so you can develop a plan of action that is uniquely suited to your lifestyle


A private accountability group
to encourage and support you and help cultivate a loving environment where you can share your wins and ask questions


7 challenges to expand your mindset
and identify the areas in your life hindering your health beyond your food choices


A daily downloadable journal
to help guide you through the challenge of the day


And so much more...
– Access to Lara to answer your questions
– Delicious, balanced recipes to kick-start your day
– A weekly facebook live to answer your questions
– Reminders, emails and encouragement through the week to help keep the momentum going

Real benefits. No fluff.

By the end of the 7 days you can expect to identify:
  • Your key to stop cravings in their tracks
  • One critical change you can make to begin to eat with awareness
  • What style of eating best suits your unique body
  • What is getting in your way of implementing lasting changes to your health

Learn how to:

  • Silence your inner critic that sabotages your best efforts to change
  • Improve your sleep
  • Practice effortless journaling to foster intention
  • Get moving without having to workout for hours

Begin your journey today

Commit to the one-week challenge and surprise yourself with the results.

The life you want,

The relationship you deserve,

The family that you nurture,

is fueled by your health.

"Lara doesn't do fad or crash diets- instead she teaches you how to eat again, this time in a balanced and healthy way. Not only did I lose weight from the recipes she gave me, I also felt better and more energized. A real must if you’re trying to change the way you approach food for the better." — Emma C., Toronto