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This Comprehensive 1:1 Coaching Is For Women Who Are Ready To Regain Their Confidence 

This comprehensive coaching program is for the woman who is looking to regain control of her body - know what to eat and how to live to feel her best and shed weight without feeling deprived and feeling like she's giving up everything she loves. 

Over the course of three to six months, you will get all the tools to know what and how to eat and create routines and habits that serve you instead of sabotage you. This is where you learn to eat what YOUR unique body needs to have a thriving metabolism. To shift your mindset and love the skin you're in.

No more guessing why your metabolism seems to be slowing down chasing people down. Why you can't seem to kick the sugar or wine or why the latest diet trends just don't seem to work for you. 

It’s time for you to uncover the root issues that are keeping you stuck.

This program gives you the tools to feel COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in your body in less time and with less struggle. 

Shift Mindset 

Rewrite Bad Habits

Correct Imbalances


Eleven coaching calls over six months.

Ranging from 45min-1:15min, longer sessions in the beginning. 

Bi-weekly video coaching, but flexible to meet your needs.

Specific nutritional recommendations based on lab work (bloodwork you order through your Dr) and hair tissue mineral analysis are included in the plan. 



Weekly phone call check-ins in between sessions to ensure you are on track (available for the six-month plan).

Connected through an app where you ask questions and receive a response within 24hours.

Track your meals through the shared app and have them reviewed by Lara with timely feedback.




You will gain lifetime access to our website with hundreds of recipes, sample meal plans, exercise videos and other training videos and resources to help guide you through your health journey.

You will also receive any future updates as new nutrition research surfaces so you can be up to date with nutritional recommendations.





This is not a program for someone looking for another diet.

This is for someone who wants to uncover their root issues. Including uncovering root nutritional and hormonal imbalances that are suppressing your metabolism.

As well as habits and thought patterns that keep you stuck in ways that are not serving you well.

For someone who is committed to digging deep and ready for something different.

For someone who wants guidance and accountability.

If this sounds like you, let's hop on a strategy call and create a plan of action.

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