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Kicking off on April 12, 2021

21-day easy to follow meal plan designed by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Simple workouts to tone your body, boost energy and rev up your metabolism

Strategies to eat with awareness so you can make lasting changes suited for your body

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Registration closes April 7, 2021

  • Done for you meal plan & shopping list 
  • Weekly live group coaching 
  • Movement videos
  • Supplement guide for health, immune & skin
  • Cheatsheets, worksheets, journal 
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Here's what you can expect from the program:

  • A three-week meal plan, with simple recipes you can make even if you're not an avid cook. With an accompanying shopping list with uncomplicated ingredients
  • Prerecorded videos to guide you through the weekly challenges
  • Live weekly group coaching calls to answer your questions 
  • Comprehensive list of foods you can swap in recipes to make them more appealing to your taste buds!
  • Movement video focused on strengthening your core so you can strengthen and tighten your abdominal and lower back muscles to improve your posture and give you a strong and tiny waist
  • Yoga to stretch & elongate your muscles
  • Pilates for beginners and advanced (10-30min) to strengthen your muscles and change your body composition
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Week 1: Create a healthy routine
  • Integrate daily journaling to transform your health, manage life's stressors, live with intention, connect with your body and identify what food, movement, thoughts work best for you 
  • Uncover pillars to a healthy diet and integrate key changes that best suit your unique body! 
  • Begin to eat with awareness so you can better manage cravings and uncover the root issues that are preventing you from making lasting changes 
  • Understand how to create balanced, metabolism and energy and hormone balancing meals 
  • Learn to meal prep and make simple, healthy, and delicious meals that your whole family can enjoy!
Week 2: Make long-lasting changes!
  • Take inventory of your life and begin to identify your sticking points: the persistent habits and choices that prevent you from developing a healthy lifestyle
  • Uncover your cravings: why they happen and what to do about it? 
  • Define your "why" and maintain long term-motivation
Week 3: Improve your gut and hormone health and live with vitality & balance
  • Learn strategies to rebalance your microbiome, improve your health, digestion, food sensitivities, and your hormones! Both food and supplementation strategies will be covered.  
  • Deep dive into cortisol, PMS, peri-menopause, and menopause. How to thrive through each stage of your life as a powerful woman. Food and supplement strategies to help you throughout each stage.


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Designed to ensure your success

Through this 21-day guided program you'll engage in:


Done for you meal plan
and an accompanying shopping list which will help you create delicious, affordable and simple meals in as little time as possible


10-30 minute daily movement plan 

designed to increase your fat burning hormones, elongate and shape your muscles, and promote optimal health.


Short video teachings
to guide you through the weekly challenges


Downloadable worksheets, cheatsheets and infographics
to help you stay on track and motivated


Weekly group coaching
to iron out any questions or struggles you’re having and to highlight further detail from our weekly challenges


A weekly challenge

to help you make lasting changes 


Private accountability group

to allow you to share your journey with like-minded women who can support you and cheer you on


Reminders, emails and encouragement
throughout the week to help keep the momentum going

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The Transformation Method is a 21-day program to help you develop a health routine that has longevity! Over the course of 3 weeks, I help you develop healthy eating habits, a healthy mindset, and integrate simple & quick daily movements. That will have you looking and feeling your best in 2021 and beyond! 

(WITHOUT having to exert willpower by giving up your favorite foods, counting calories or macros,  spending hours on end in the kitchen prepping meals, or becoming a gym bunny!)



Learn a better way to improve your health that doesn’t require deprivation and willpower.

Through this 21-day guided program you will:

  • Discover what style of eating best suits YOUR unique body
  • Build healthy meals that are delicious, easy and balanced
  • Learn studied methods to lasting health and weight loss
  • Uncover what is currently holding you back
  • Begin to eat with awareness
  • Integrate natural movement into your day
  • Demystify macronutrients
  • Learn the key to unlocking YOUR health so you don't fall prey to another restrictive diet 

Enrol in the 21-Day Reset And Discover a Better Way to Live Well Every Day

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About Lara

Lara is a Canadian-based Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in women's health. She is the founder of Nutrition Her Way and the Transformation Method. She has helped hundreds of women improve their health, lose weight and make lasting sustainable changes!

Still unsure?
Email me at [email protected] with your question, and I'll be happy to respond. If you're on the fence and unsure if this is a good fit for your lifestyle and goals, I’ll help you know if this is right for you.

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Why the Transformation Method Works For Everyday Life

I think my greatest accomplishment through this program is that I now stop and think about what I’m about to put in my body and I do think about my evening snacking. I think about whether or not I am making a good choice for myself. I have found myself using Lara’s three questions: “Am I hungry?”, “ Is this worthy?” and “Am I full?” I often find myself saying no to the snack or if I find that I’m very hungry I might choose to have fruit instead of the chips so I think this has been my biggest accomplishment.
- Karen F.

I’ve gained more confidence in my decision-making skills in terms of what I am putting into my body. I feel better about myself. I look at me in the mirror and I’m not always thinking negatively about myself; slowly more positive thoughts are creeping in.
 - Maral F.

This program has changed my life! Better health! Proper Nutrition. Better taste palette. Appreciation for the small steps. Sticking ability! I can do it! I've learned to take care of myself so I can give the best part of me to my family! I can handle stress better with the techniques we learned.
- Anon.

I have a ton of energy! I feel like being active. I'm lighter in my skin. I've learned to show myself some mercy. I'm quick to forgive myself now. I can enjoy a lot of things in moderation!
- Erica E.

My greatest struggle before joining the program was being on and off a healthy eating path. The program taught me so much! How to start your day, chewing is very much important, how to shift your negative thinking to a positive, and belief in the process. Before it was stressful to think that I need a diet to lose a few pounds, but this program teaches you to take a step a day to healthier habits. Overall this program taught me to stop dieting, but instead how to change your lifestyle to a healthy one.
- Ana A.

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