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health tips weightloss well-being Nov 15, 2023

As we approach our 40s and notice the weight creeping up, many of us turn to the familiar strategy of cutting calories to combat stubborn mid-section weight gain.

Here's the catch: reducing what you eat might actually exacerbate the situation.

Because, as we trim our caloric intake, we inadvertently slow down our metabolic rate—the rate at which we burn calories while at rest.

Deep down, we might sense this, yet we find ourselves following this path.

Why? It's the common advice we receive from doctors or stumble upon in a quick internet search: 'Eat less, move more!'

However, if this traditional approach truly worked, shedding excess weight would be a breeze for most of us.

Reality check: it isn't. The unfortunate truth persists—around 90% of people who successfully lose a significant amount of weight eventually regain nearly all of it.

So, let me share with you why my unique approach to weight loss stands apart.

Instead of slashing calories, I focus on keeping them high to maintain a robust metabolic fire. How?

By making other lifestyle changes  such as :

  • Increasing Movement
  • Adding Key Nutrients to Your Diet
  • Improving Sleep
  • Reducing Stress Hormones

These changes not only contribute to long-term weight loss but also leave you feeling more energetic, positive, and with a healthier relationship with food.

Here's why this approach is backed by science.

Recent research indicates that these lifestyle changes can shift your body's fat composition. And that's a game-changer!

Let's talk about brown fat. It's a unique type of body fat that we all have and, surprisingly, want more of!

Bet You've Never Heard of Brown Fat?

It's a unique type of body fat that we all have and should want more of.

Unlike the more common white fat, which is the primary fat in our bodies, brown fat plays a special role – it helps maintain body warmth.

As it does this, your body burns extra calories, giving your metabolism a noteworthy boost.

Studies consistently show that naturally thinner individuals tend to have a higher percentage of brown fat compared to those more prone to obesity (Reference).

Unfortunately, as we age, the percentage of brown fat decreases, especially given our modern-day sedentary lifestyles and highly processed and nutrient-deficient food choices.

But here's the exciting part – the benefits of brown fat go beyond just weight management:

    • Elevated Metabolic Rate: Burns more calories by creating heat before your body starts to shiver (thermogenesis).
    • Improved Insulin Sensitivity: Crucial for combating diabetes and stubborn weight gain.
    • Cognitive Well-being: Recent studies suggest a lower risk of Alzheimer's and cognitive decline (Reference).

Signs That You May Need More Brown Fat On Your Body:

Before I jump into how you can increase your brown fat stores. Let me share with you some telltale signs that you may need more brown fat on your body:

  • You feel cold when everyone else in the room feels comfortably warm
  • You find yourself exhausted, wondering if your thyroid might be the culprit? You run the bloodwork only to discover that your thyroid is functioning well.
  • Weight seems to stick despite all the right efforts
  • Your blood sugar levels are creeping up each year
  • Your cholesterol levels are slowly but surely also increasing 

Simple Steps You Can Take To Activate Your Brown Fat Today:

So, here are a few simple and actionable steps you can implement today to convert your white fat into energy-producing, calorie-burning brown fat!

  • Increase magnesium and taurine intake: Both are linked to brown fat activation (Reference).

  • Expose your body to red light: Whether through outdoor time during sunrise and sunset or using a red light device (Reference).

  • Prioritize exercise: Not only does it burn calories, but it also helps convert white fat into brown fat, boosting your metabolic rate over the long term. (Reference)

  • Include more of these foods in your diet: Turmeric, ginger, cayenne, and green tea, known to promote brown fat activity.

  • Keep your home a bit cooler than normal: Exposure to lower temperatures encourages the conversion of white fat into brown fat 

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