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mindset weightloss well-being Oct 19, 2020

Being healthy is so much more than nutrition. That may sound strange coming from a Registered Holistic Nutritionist but follow me for a minute. If you have tried diving full fledge into a 'cleanse' or diet, you know what I am talking about. Diving full-on with a new way of eating going from 0-100 generally has a short shelf life. I equate that approach to holding your breath because you eventually revert to your normal eating style. There are so many reasons why this happens, but one main reason is that you have just masked a symptom. You've dealt with a symptom vs. the underlying cause of the symptom.

I liken this to an iceberg. Most of the time, we can only see the portion of the iceberg above the surface of the water. But that iceberg only exists because of the larger iceberg that's formed underneath the surface. What's above the surface is really just the tip of the iceberg and only exists because of what's happened underneath the surface. And that's precisely how it is with your health. The choices you make of what to eat, your cravings, and your inability to exercise are really symptoms of greater underlying issues. The things you struggle with are what is visible to you, and those are the things you try to change. But these changes are temporary because there are deeper underlying issues that need to be dealt with. And once they are dealt with, the surface level reactions are automatically corrected.

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Let's take sugar cravings for example. When we crave sugary things, most of us try to address this craving by cutting out sugar or going on some sugar cleanse. This is a good effort, but will likely be a painful process or one that's short-lived because there are likely underlying issues which are causing the sugar craving in the first place. The better, less painful, and more long-term solution would be to uncover why the sugar craving exists and address that. In order to do that we need to do two things: Uncover physiological and/or psychological root issues.  Let's start with physiological and continue on with the sugar craving. In this case, we would take a look at what you are eating or drinking in the morning or through the day to assess whether it's a blood sugar imbalance that is creating the sugar craving. Next we'd determine if perhaps there are gut or hormonal imbalances. etc this would address the physiological aspect. Next we'd look at the psychological factors. This would include things like how you're feeling emotionally around the time the sugar craving comes on? Is it simply a habit 'routine' in the day? or something deeper like a trigger response to a stressful situation.

But you get the picture. Once we deal with the psychological and physiological factors, you no longer need a 'sugar' cleanse but the issue corrects itself naturally and for good. You grow as a person and finally move on with your life instead of repeating the same cycle and trying another diet or cleanse to try and solve your problems. 

We never NEED another diet. What you need is to address the underlying issues that are leading you to have a poor diet. Like stress, disorganized life, poor habits, coping through food, false beliefs about healthy & unhealthy, and unrealistic expectations of your body. Just trying to white knuckle it and change the way you eat is like slapping on a bandaid or taking medicine when you have a headache. You're not solving the problem and unless you identify why you eat the way you eat today, what causes you to not have time to plan ahead or why you seem to crave chocolate every day at 3 pm or when you get a stressful email. Then you will never be able to adopt a lasting change to your nutrition. That's why today I am introducing you to my Transformation Method. I developed this to help women finally deal with the root of the issue vs. slap a bandaid on it.

If you enjoyed this article and would like additional guidance to help you get started on your health journey, join our FREE 7-Day Transformational Health Challenge by clicking HERE.


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